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The Sound of Saxophone from South Korea.

Yeomin Yun / contemporary, discovery

Dr. Yeomin Yun introduces for the first time in a World Saxophone congress Korean composers’s saxophone works, composed especially for him.

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Dr. Yeomin Yun is first Korean saxophonist who recieved DMA in saxophone performance from the United States.
For his doctoral degree, he studied saxophone with Dr. James Bunte and Prof. Rick VanMatre at the University of Cincinnati. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Korea National University of Arts and a Graduate Certificate in Performance at the University of Southern California. He has selected as saxophonist for “Powder Her Face” with together USC Opera and LA Philharmonic under directing by Thomas Adès.
Some of highlights in performances include EBS Space Concert, KBS Open Concert, WASBE Conference, NASA Conference, and World Saxophone Congress.

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The Sound of Saxophone from South Korea

Yeomin Yun


The purpose of this project is to present Young Jo Lee’s Sori No.10 for alto saxophone, Hee Young Yang’s , Heeyoung Yang’s Floral Chess for alto saxophone and piano, and Kyoung Woo Lee’s Parameters for alto saxophone and piano. This project will help both saxophonist and audience fully understand contemporary Korean’s composer works, which combines various musical elements from Korea and the West. I will focus on how three Korean composers used the musical techniques and elements of the traditional Korean instruments in their saxophone works, and how to adapt these Korean traditional music techniques to the saxophone. I will also feature the various modes and scales in the work which explicitly describe that these Korean composers intentionally combined musical sources from the East, particularly Korea, and the West. This project will also show how to perform the extended techniques on the saxophone, including multiphonics, circular breathing, and slap tongue. This study is significant in that this proposed recital is the first performance of all three Korean composer’s repertoire at the World Saxophone Congress, which is entitled “The Sound of Saxophone from South Korea”.

Yeomin Yun has performed for many world renowned saxophonists including Nicolas Prost, Nobuya Sugawa, Arno Bornkamp, Philippe Portejoie, Tom deVette, James Rotter, Nathan Nabb, and Timothy McAllister. Dr. Yun served as Instructor of Music at Korea National University of arts, and is currently Assistant Professor of Saxophone at the Gyeong Ju University in South Korea.


12/07/2015 12:45 - 13:15

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 22

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Musicians / speakers

  • Yun Yeomin / alto saxophone (United States)


  • Sori no.10 for alto saxophone (Young Jo Lee)
  • Parameters for alto saxophone and piano (Kyoung Woo Lee) / French premiere
  • Floral Chess for alto saxophone and piano (Hee Young Yang) / World Premiere
  • SIJO for solo alto saxophone (Mirae Hwang)





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