13 Julio 2015
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Jorge HOYO and Pedro RIVADENEIRA / electroacoustic

Website(s) : http://sergioluque.com / http://geoffreyfrancoiscompositeur.org

Aesthetic view of three international composers devoted to contemporary music taking advantage of the saxophones technical possibilities and electroacoustics.

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Mr. Hoyo holds a Bachelors of Music degree in Saxophone Performance from the Boston Conservatory where he studied with Ken Radnofsky. In 2001 he was granted a scholarship from the National Council for Music and Arts (Mexico) to continue his musical studies in France. He earned a Premier Prix de Saxophone from the Conservatoire á Rayonnement Régional de Boulogne-Billancourt (France) where he studied with Jean-Michel Goury specializing in contemporary music and saxophone pedagogy.
His interest in contemporary music has brought him to collaborate with international composers to further develop the saxophone repertoire.
He has performed in the United States, France, Spain, Belgium, Thailand, Mexico and Costa Rica. Currently he lives in Mexico where he teaches and performs regularly.

More informations

Rupture is a quadraphonic, through composed work, with an oneiric, fantasy-like, improvisatory character, in which the music changes and evolves irregularly.
The nature of the changes focuses primarily on timbre and texture and, on different modes/techniques of sound production, investigating thus, in a more-or-less systematic manner, the materiality of sound and timbral analogies between the saxophone and the computer. It also involves an exploration of the various sound resources possible with the saxophone as when, for example, in the penultimate section of the piece, the saxophone is deconstructed into its various components (mouth piece, reed, neck etc.) and each investigated for its sound possibilities. At the same time, the work is loosely held together by a limited repertoire of musical gestures (such as glissandi, percussive sounds etc.) that recur irregularly throughout the course of its unfolding. The work is also characterized by disruptions and repetitions that create disjunctures in the flow of the music.

The relationship between the saxophone and the computer is at times antiphonal in which a kind of dialectic between the older technology (the saxophone) and the newer technology (the computer) is established. At other times both instruments merge becoming as if one large instrument where the newer technology functions as an extension of the older one, enhancing, processing and transforming its various sounds. In this manner the work investigates the similarities and differences between both technologies while at the same time maintaining the poetico/lyrical quality of the fantasy-like nature of the piece.

The title Rupture is polysemous and accordingly consists of a constellation of meanings: Ruptures that create discontinuities in the flow of the music, and moments of repetition where repetition causes disjuncture and the possibility of renewal or swerving off into new directions. A rift, a falling out, sunder, to breach or disturb, as in a breach of peace or concord, a breach of a harmonious relationship. Not only a tearing apart but also, a tearing away from, to swerve away, as in a strategy of swerving away from the dominant musical discourses that flood the culture, creating a breach, an opening, a space enabling a distance, a gap, for example: a critical distance vis a vis the dominant socio-economic order and its weapons of mass distraction; a place, a singularity consisting of a different socio-musical space disrupting the dominant musical economy. A breach as in the failure to obey, keep or preserve, an estrangement from, an anomaly, becoming an otherness, a locus of resistance and difference . . . ultimately, music is about the reality of impermanence.

As the subtitle implies, all sounds are given equal importance whether they are noises or pitches.


13/07/2015 10:15 - 10:45

Le Shadok

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Musicians / speakers

  • HOYO Jorge / Saxophone (Mexico)
  • RIVADENEIRA Pedro / live electronics (United States)


  • To and fro (Sergio LUQUE)
  • Couleurs sans bout (Geoffrey FRANÇOIS)
  • Ruptures (Pedro RIVADENEIRA) / World Premiere





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