13 Julio 2015
Miércoles Junio 07, 2023



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João Pedro Silva and Pedro Santos – Saxophone and accordion

João Pedro Silva and Pedro Santos / contemporary, crossover

Website(s) : http://www.joaopedrosilva.org

Stylistic diversity that promises a close relationship between the contemporary and the tradition for accordion and saxophone inspired by Jorge Salgueiro, Lino Guerreiro and Paulo Jorge Ferreira.

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Over 15 years sharing the stage on several projects, João Pedro Silva and Pedro Santos, join now to perform in duo. This project aims to record and simultaneously promote the XXI century original Portuguese music for accordion and saxophone. A strong repertoire, creased by the music of Jorge Salgueiro, Lino Guerreiro and Paulo Jorge Ferreira, foreseeing a great stylistic diversity that promises a close relationship between the contemporary and the tradition.Musicians biography João Pedro Silva Pedro Santos

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Program notes: The Electronic Doll – Jorge Salgueiro Transposing for music a sentence of the Portuguese football coach Jose Mourinho: “A musician who only sees music not know anything about music.” So, many times I wonder if making avant-garde music, or aesthetically refreshing music, must be unpleasant, subjective concept, but basically points to the appreciation of the beauty of what is ugly in contrast to the total rejection of the beauty of what is beautiful. The abstraction and the appreciation of the ugly is an achievement of art and values of humanity, but for me are data acquired and make part of the vanguards of the past, with apogee in the 1960s. I look for another way, and it is on this demand that I look so often to understand the several art paths, looking at other disciplines such as literature, poetry, painting, fashion, architecture, design, cinema, etc. But in fact are the painters and painting my passion. Commissioned by Saxacordeon duo, THE ELECTRONIC DOLL inspired by ALGORITHMIC EXPLORATION OF THE SQUARE Don Relyea and it is the third work of the “triptych geometries.” The other works are: TIME MACHINE, from BINARY CODE and BINARY CODE 2, by Ricardo Crista, and the Concerto for Saxophone Quartet, Inspired on the work of Julie Mehretu. In general, the inspiration that other disciplines bring me is more aesthetic and passionate than technical. In this trilogy the series is the main melodic material and the hemiola (2 vs 3) the main rhythmic material. Of course, the work refers to any story, and I imagine it danced, but about that the title is so suggestive that I leave to the listeners imagination the “view” of this electronic doll, that for instances comes to life … or just electricity. This piece was first recorded by João Pedro Silva and Pedro Santos on the CD edited on 2014, “João Pedro Silva plays Jorge Salgueiro – vol. 1”. HULK – Lino Guerreiro This Piece is not finish yet. It is a commission to for this concert. World premiere.


13/07/2015 11:00 - 11:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 19

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Musicians / speakers

  • Silva João Pedro / Saxophone (Portugal)
  • Santos Pedro / accordion (Portugal)


  • The Electronic Doll, opus 170 (Jorge Salgueiro)
  • Hulk (Lino Guerreiro) / World Premiere




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