13 Julio 2015
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J4 Saxophone Quartet

J.Nichol, Jo.Nichol & J.Lulloff & Jo.Lulloff / contemporary, world

The Quartet J4 Saxophone presents two world premieres on the subject of two fathers and two sons performing together.

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The J4 Saxophone Quartet is a quartet of two fathers and their sons. It was founded in 2009 by Michigan State University Distinguished Professor Joseph Lulloff, MSU student Jordan Lulloff, Central Michigan University Professor John Nichol, and University of Oklahoma Professor Jonathan Nichol. J4 Saxophone Quartet has performed at the 2010 Chicago Midwest Clinic, the 2012 Michigan Music Conference, the 2012 NASA Biennial Conference at Arizona State University, and the 2014 NASA Biennial Conference at the University of Illinois. Three of the four members are Yamaha Performing Artists. This unique performance ensemble is a living example of passing performance traditions on to the next generation and demonstrates the joy of making music with family.

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The J4 Saxophone Quartet has commissioned a new saxophone quartet composition by composer Victor Marquez. This new piece is being composed specifically for its world premiere at the 17th World Saxophone Congress.

Nomadic Variations for Saxophone Quartet
by Victor H. Marquez and Victor Marquez-Barrios
I. Variation 1: Domestic Alien
II. Variation 2: A Nomad’s Land
III. Theme
IV. Variation 3: (Some) Nomads Can Dance
V. Variation 4: Caminos Tiene El Sueno

Nomadic Variations, by Victor Marquez, is based upon a musical theme that Victor’s father supplied. Victor then elaborates and expands on this theme in four stylistically different variations. To quote Victor Marquez “The theme used in this set of variations was written as a musical response to our current world’s migratory reality which, under different circumstances, seems to be a continuation of an ancient dynamic: masses of people being forced to leave their homes in the search for better living conditions. For these modern nomads, “home” is often nothing but a memory they carry around and treasure as a warm refuge. Each variation explores, musically, a different perspective on this reality.” Nomadic Variations is approximately 18 minutes long.

Our hope in presenting this new piece will be to encourage other saxophone quartets to perform the beautiful and interesting music of Victor Marquez. Improvisation and jazz can both be a part of the quartet experience, and this work may present something new in this area.

John Nichol, Professor of Saxophone, teaches at Central Michigan University. Professor Nichol has performed at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Montreaux, Switzerland (1997), the North Sea Jazz Festival at The Hague, Netherlands (1997) and the Ford Detroit International Jazz Festival (2000, 2001, 2002). Professor Nichol has also performed by invitation at seven World Saxophone Congresses: Chicago, Illinois (1979), Nuremberg, Germany (1982), Kawasaki, Japan (1988), Valencia, Spain (1997) and Montreal, Canada (2000), Minneapolis, Minnesota (2003), and St. Andrews, Scotland (2012). Professor Nichol can be heard on Flights of Fancy (Centaur Recording, 2003), Caught in the Act (White Pine Music, 2007), Woodwind Echoes (White Pine Recording, 2008), and Conspiracy Theory (White Pine Music, 2010). Professor Nichol’s saxophone ensemble arrangements can be purchased from Watchdog Music. John Nichol is a Yamaha Performing Artist and is the Past President of the North American Saxophone.


13/07/2015 10:30 - 11:00

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 24

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Musicians / speakers

  • Nichol John / Tenor Saxophone (United States)
  • Lulloff Joseph / Soprano Saxophone (United States)
  • Lulloff Jordan / alto saxophone (United States)
  • Nichol Jonathan / baritone saxophone (United States)


  • Nomadic Variations (Victor H. Marquez and Victor Marquez-Barrios) / World Premiere




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