13 Julio 2015
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Between transmission and fusion

CexSaxo Duo / contemporary

Website(s) : http://cexsaxo.com

CexSaxo Duo proposes a musical trip in which the sensations vary with the two instruments and where the staticity and potency may be concepts that always go together.

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CexSaxo is an artistic and pedagogic project that began in 2012 by spanish founders Diego Carretero and Sara Zazo both of whom were motivated by their desire to promote and expand the saxophone duo repertory, through a dynamic concert activity. Committed to creation and creativity, CexSaxo takes a serious compromise with contemporary music; with the target of enlarging the repertory through commanding new works for saxophone duo, collaborating with the composers of our time. During the last two years, CexSaxo had the opportunity to perform in Spain, France, England and Switzerland, playing several premiers in all of the places. Composers like Daniel Hugo Sprintz, Victor Alexandru Coltea and Gonzalo Navarro have dedicated compositions to CexSaxo Duo.

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CexSaxo Duo – Between transmission and fusion.

Interlaced in a music of energies, CexSaxo Duo proposes a journey to the emotions connected with the intensity, a musical trip in which the sensations are modulated between the two instruments and the staticity and potency may be concepts that always go together.

Comitted to the new creation from its foundation in year 2012, CexSaxo Duo founds its stimulation in comissioning new works, like this proposal confirms, with a mixture of works by renowned composer Dieter Ammann with premieres of young composers such as Gonzalo Navarro and Victor Coltea, music composed and dedicated to CexSaxo Duo.

Thanks to the coherence of the proposed repertory, two separate instruments can be only one, through a material sound that leads to an attentive land live listening of a music that vibrates in each of this moments and it is always organic.

* Detonation, by Victor Alexandru Coltea (2015).

Piece based on energy, toughness, virtuosity, vitality, craziness; a way a description of an explosion. It can be a scream of rage, of fury because of social things happening through out the world. It could represent a vehement answer to what happened and it is happening in Europe and more in Romania, from the political point of view. It can be a response to all these wars which are happening in Ukraine, Syria, etc.
The composer explores all the material of multi phonics that can liberate a lot of energy and creates a dialog between the two saxophones, and also a kind of a stereo effect in some moments. The duo is used as an instrument imitating the electronic music, to suggest the delay, ring modulation, distortion, etc. But we also find a contrast, where the Rumanian composer looks for most “delicate” sounds from the two tenor saxophones.

* Heterophonia, by Gonzalo Navarro (2014).

This piece consists of a double vision of sonorous material, the monodic and polyphonic line appearance, which develop independently coming to contagion and fusion in the same context. The different visions of sound and its evolution is what generates different types of texture, density fluctuations and harmonic treatment.

* D’accord (s) by Dieter Ammann (2004)

Comission made for “Les journées du saxophone suisse” in 2004. The title has two meanings; on the one hand, the material used for the selection of note pitches is mainly parallel chords which were juxtaposed horizontally to form the melodic lines (D’accords “comes from agreements”).

On the other hand, we can feel textures shared by both instruments simultaneously, moments of substantial agreement, symbiosis, this leading to passages homorhythmic, most of the time fast.


13/07/2015 10:30 - 11:00

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 23

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Musicians / speakers

  • Zazo Romero Sara / Saxophone (Switzerland)
  • Carretero Menayo Diego / SAXOPHONE (Spain)


  • Detonation for 2 tenor sax (Victor Alexandru Coltea) / World Premiere
  • Heterophonia for tenor sax & alto sax (Gonzalo Navarro)
  • D'Accord(s) for 2 alto saxophones (Dieter Ammann)

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