10 Julio 2015
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Echo Rogue Performance

The Echo Rogue Saxophone Quartet / classical, contemporary

Echo Rogue, a modular saxophone quartet, presents the French premiere performance of two newer works for saxophone quartet of varying instrumentation.

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Founded in 2009, The Echo Rogue Saxophone Quartet is a dynamic chamber ensemble dedicated to the interpretation and performance of modern music. Consisting of four successful saxophone soloists who have come together in a modular quartet setting, Echo Rogue regularly challenges the traditional instrumentation of the saxophone quartet and presents exciting new works in a variety of settings. In its quest to increase the impact of the saxophone in the chamber setting, the ensemble has collaborated with numerous international composers, commissioning new music and presenting several premieres with over a dozen international composers, such as Claudio Gabriele (Italy), Camille Kerger (Luxembourg), Robert Lemay (Canada), Christian Lauba (France), and Carlos Michans (Netherlands).

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Echo Rogue, a modular saxophone quartet, proposes the performance of 2 newer works for saxophone quartet of varying instrumentation. Although the typical or standard instrumentation is SATB for a saxophone quartet, composers are finding new sound palettes by incorporating other variations to a group of four saxophones. All of the members of our group are successful and award-winning soloists and chamber musicians. Relying on individual experiences and connections, the core of our repertoire involves variety in instrumentation to demonstrate the high levels of our members.

The first proposal is by Luxembourgian composer Camille Kerger. “Schneelicht – bebend weiss” was composed for the Amstel Saxophone Quartet. This piece is an exceptional example of modular writing, beginning with four sopranos. At various points throughout the piece, the members shift to a traditional SATB voicing. Biting dissonance pervades the opening, suggesting a cold winter, a la Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The writing is more traditional with fewer extended techniques, but the attractive use of four sopranos is very effective. Although the premiere of the piece was June 21, 2005, the composer is unaware of any performances in France. We consider that this performance will be the French premiere.

Our second proposal was composed in 2009 for Anubis Quartet, another modular quartet. American Mikel Kuehn recently received a Guggenheim fellowship for his outstanding compositions, but this piece has only received a small number of performances. “Etching” was scored for 2 sopranos and 2 tenors. It is an excellent ‘atmospheric’ piece, suitable for both student ensembles and professionals. The piece is written in several sections, separated by choral-like moments of unity. Kuehn employs a few extended techniques, such as multiphonics, breath sounds, and slap tonguing. It is an excellent compositions that we believe will be well-received by a broad audience.


10/07/2015 17:00 - 17:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 24

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Musicians / speakers

  • Vickers Jeffrey / Soprano and tenor saxophones (United States)
  • Anderson Christopher / Soprano and alto saxophones (United States)
  • Kahl Don-Paul / Soprano and baritone saxophones (France)
  • Mahaffey Matthew / Soprano and tenor saxophones (United States)


  • Schneelicht - bebend weiss (Camille Kerger) / French premiere
  • Etchings (Mikel Kuehn) / French premiere




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