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Salaya Saxophone Ensemble performance

Salaya Saxophone Ensemble / contemporary

Salaya Saxophone Ensemble is formed by students of the Mahidol University’s college of Music in Thailand. We can feel in the music the influence of Southeast asian culture.

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Salaya Saxophone Ensemble is the foremost saxophone group in Southeast Asia. The members are the students from the College of Music, Mahidol University. They perform the works of various style and concept as well as explore both traditional and experimental stage production, sometimes involved with choreography. They have given concert in tour and participate the international competitions all over.

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Shadow by Viskamol Chaiwanichsiri
Quote from the composer, “One night, while I was walking in Salaya (a small district in the province of Nakhon Pathom, Thailand), I observed the surrounding environment and noticed something interesting. The area was dark and haunting. When I keep walking I saw a group of people, under the neon light, dancing and singing along with the music from the radio. Then I realized, Salaya in the dark was not that scary. When I walked away from that group, however, the surrounding environment became dark and quiet again.
This event inspired me to compose this work Shadow. Shadow is a dark area that occurs because the light source is obstructed by an object. In the night, the light sources are usually the moonlight or the light from the light bulb. So, this piece I would like to reflect the environment in the dark of Salaya, more like, the shadow of Salaya.
This piece was composed based on texture motif. Different texture of each section reflects different scene and atmosphere of Salaya. This music contains both mysteriousness and excitement. So, I hope you will enjoy this piece.
This piece is approximately 9 minutes long.”

Bueng Kan. Khong. Paksan by Teetawat Boonchuailea
Bueng Kan. Khong. Paksan for 12 saxophones was commissioned by Siam Saxophone Ensemble.
The piece was inspired by traditional music of Laos and North-Eastern part of Thailand performed on the mouth organ type instrument called Khaen. I had a chance to listen to Khaen music when travelling in Laos last October. In the piece I tried to imitate the sound of the instrument, its typical drones and heterophony.


12/07/2015 11:00 - 11:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 21

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Musicians / speakers

  • Pruksavanich Wisuwat / Tenor Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Pimphapatang Methawut / Soprano Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Manatchinapisit Pisol / Soprano Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Piseskul Thitipol / Soprano Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Li Guangxin / Alto Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Chinsangthip Thanaphoom / Alto Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Chayapirom Sineenart / Alto Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Sreewichian Pulaporn / Tenor Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Cherdkiatkul Chirat / Tenor Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Sae-nim Nalin / Tenor Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Teeradapanichagoun Thanat / Baritone Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Puay-uan Chokwattana / Baritone Saxophone (Thailand)
  • Asawakarnjanakit Piyaphon / Bass Saxophone (Thailand)


  • Bueng Kan. Khong. Paksan (Teetawat Boonchuailea) / World Premiere
  • Shadow (Viskamol Chaiwanichsiri) / World Premiere





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