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W. Street and guests (F.Rossé, F.L.Hemke, and more...) / classical, contemporary / United States

Compass will be a round table of saxophonists and composers about music written for the saxophone : who is our audience, what type of music are saxophonists interested in performing, etc.

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Come to this forum to discuss the direction for saxophone music of the future!
Moderator – William Street
Language Facilitators – William Street, Alredo Mendoza-Ahuatzin, Chee-Meng Low

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Compass will be a forum for saxophonists and composers to discuss music written for the saxophone. The round table panel, made up of saxophonists and composers, will include William Street, Francois Rosse, Frederick L. Hemke, Alfredo Mendoza-Ahuatzin, Marilyn Shrude, John M. Kennedy, and Chee-Meng Low. The dialog will be translated in multiple languages (French, English, Mandarin, Spanish) for any interested saxophonists and composers who attend. Discussion topics will include: who is our audience, what type of music are saxophonists interested in performing, and how can saxophonists encourage composers to write for the saxophone.

The presentation will be an open forum for discussion. There will be moderators to lead the discussion, but no set agenda will be established. The direction of the discussion depends on the participants, either invited as panelists or by chance in the audience. The presentation is directed at performers, composers, and audience members to establish a dialog about music being written for the saxophone. The discussion could include topics like what is missing in music for the saxophone, how to find a composer, who is the audience listening to saxophone music, how can musical ideas and artistic engagements be developed, and how can saxophonists help composers before or during the writing process. The forum is not designed to give definitive answers. Rather it is an opportunity to have people share their thoughts about future compositional directions for the saxophone. Composers who come to the WSC to hear their premieres are especially invited to participate in this forum, as are the performers who play them.


10/07/2015 10:00 - 12:00

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Studio 400

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Musicians / speakers

  • Nourse Susan (United States)
  • Street William (United States)
  • Low Chee-Meng (Malaysia)
  • Hemke Frederick (United States)
  • Shrude Marilyn (United States)
  • Kennedy John (United States)
  • Mendoza-Ahuatzin Alfredo (Mexico)
  • Rosse Francois (France)




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