Récital – duo

Vincent Jourde & Joffrey Drahonnet / jazz

Website(s) : http://vincentjourde.com

Duet recital (saxophone/guitar) combining both strength and sensitivity. The duet gives shape to a singular music honouring their mentors while opening brand new paths within the genre.

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After studying classical saxophone with Andre Beun and receiving the gold medal at Rueil-Malmaison CNR, Vincent Jourde soon started on the path of jazz. He enrolled at the American School of Modern Music and at the same time entered the jazz department of the National School of Music at Noisiel, under the direction of Bertrand Auger, where he obtained the End-of-Studies Music Certificate and Diploma of Musical Studies. In 2003 a chance meeting with Italian saxophonist Rosario Giuliani completely changed his understanding of improvisation. His album “Le Graveur de Rêves”, was released in February 2013 on PLUS LOIN MUSIC and he is the French ambassador of Keilwerth saxophones.

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Joffrey Drahonnet (Guitar) and Vincent Jourde (saxophone) were brought together by their passion for powerful melodies and improvisation. Both musicians have very distinct styles that prove magically complementary. They weave a wonderful web of energetic and yet delicate music. Their compositions are paradoxes of strength and softness, sometimes full of lyricism, sometimes of a sophisticated simplicity. Their radiating energy and generosity enchant audiences as when they opened for Kellylee Evans or The Moutin Réunion Quartet.


10/07/2015 14:00 - 14:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 20

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Musicians / speakers

  • Jourde Vincent / saxophoniste soprano/compositeur (France)
  • Drahonnet Joffrey / Guitare (France)


  • le recit des aventures de poopicaillou (Vincent Jourde)
  • 7.83hz (Vincent Jourde)
  • le temps du changement (Vincent Jourde)
  • autoportrait flou (Vincent Jourde)
  • l'arrivée de Froggy en gare de Guermantes (Vincent Jourde)