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The Tenor Saxophone Collective / classical, contemporary

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The Tenor Saxophone Collective will be giving their ensemble debut at SaxOpen. It consists of twelve established tenor saxophonists, who will play music by composers from within the ensemble.

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The Tenor Saxophone Collective is a collaboration project between 12 tenor saxophone enthusiasts from 5 different countries around the world. The project was envisioned in 2014 by UK saxophonist Andy Scott and Australian saxophonist Erin Royer. The group was put together for the 2015 SaxOpen in Strasbourg.

The members in alphabetical order are:

Andy Scott [UK]

Arno Bornkamp [Netherlands]

Christoph Enzel [Germany]

Erin Royer [Australia]

Gillian Blair [UK]

Henrique Portovedo [Portugal]

Erik-Jan de With [Netherlands]

Jenni Watson [UK]

Matt London [UK]

Nathan Henshaw [Australia]

Niels Bilj [Netherlands]

Peter Leung [Australia]

The group exists as a showcase for the tenor saxophone, and is proudly supported by the online repertoire database The Tenor Saxophone Index –

More informations

Imagine a traditional saxophone ensemble with no bass, baritone, alto, soprano or sopranino saxophones. An ensemble where only the tenor saxophone is utilised to take on the roles of the outer saxophone parts. An ensemble that calls for virtuosity of the players, and that allows composers to explore the depths of their imagination.

The Tenor Saxophone Collective is such an ensemble, seeking to push the boundaries of the tenor saxophone, and to showcase the virtuosic nature of the instrument through new compositions written specifically for the group.

The TSC will be giving their ensemble debut at the 2015 Strasbourg SaxOpen. The group was formed to bring like-minded tenor saxophone enthusiasts together to perform in a unique saxophone ensemble environment. The group consists of established and upcoming saxophonists, all who have dedicated significant amounts of time and effort to promote and further develop the body of tenor saxophone repertoire.

The group will be performing original music, which has been written by five composers from within the ensemble. All five composers are working together to write works that explore the unique and virtuosic nature of the tenor saxophone. The five composers are Christoph Enzel, Jenni Watson, Peter Leung, Matt London and Andy Scott. In addition, three well-respected composers have written music specifically for the ensemble to be premiered at the 2015 Strasbourg SaxOpen. The composers are Simon Holt, Colin Riley and Dr. Matthew Styles.

The group is proudly supported by the online tenor saxophone repertoire database, The Tenor Saxophone Index, which can be accessed for free at


12/07/2015 18:00 - 19:00

Salle de la Bourse

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Musicians / speakers

  • Royer Erin / Tenor (Australia)
  • Scott Andy / Tenor (United Kingdom)
  • Bornkamp Arno / Tenor (Netherlands)
  • Enzel Christoph / Tenor (Germany)
  • Blair Gillian / Tenor (United Kingdom)
  • Watson Jenni / Tenor (United Kingdom)
  • London Matt / Tenor (United Kingdom)
  • Portovedo Henrique / Tenor (Portugal)
  • Henshaw Nathan / Tenor (Australia)
  • Bilj Niels / Tenor (Netherlands)
  • Leung Peter / Tenor (Australia)
  • Erik-Jan de With / Saxophone (Netherlands)


  • Aktor/Reaktor II (Christoph Enzel) / World Premiere
  • Emergence (Jenni Watson) / World Premiere
  • King st Bustle (Peter Leung) / World Premiere
  • mantis (Simon Holt) / World Premiere
  • Winter Rounds (Colin Riley) / World Premiere
  • Vena Contracta (Andy Scott) / World Premiere
  • A Glimpse of Darkness (Matt London) / World Premiere
  • et maintenant (Matt Styles) / World Premiere