Raum-Musik für Saxophone Performance

Raum-Musik für Saxophone / contemporary, crossover

Website(s) : http://www.rmfs.de

Ensemble of nine saxophonists, founded in 1985 in Karlsruhe, performing free improvisation inspired by the particular location, turning the architectural space into a musical partner.

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Raum-Musik für Saxophone is an ensemble of nine saxophone players which was founded in Karlsruhe in 1985. The group performs free improvisation in extraordinary sound-spaces like churches, factories, water reservoirs, indoor swimming pools, underground garages, gasometers or train stations.

For more info on various projects, see www.rmfs.de

More informations

The improvisation will be based on the musical, physical, and architectural properties of the Saint Paul church, considering it as an integral part of the ensemble instead of a mere location.


13/07/2015 18:00 - 18:30

Eglise Saint-Paul

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Musicians / speakers

  • Wetter Helmut / saxophones bass, baritone (Germany)
  • Jung Hannes / saxophone alto (Germany)
  • Grüninger Markus / saxophone alto, tenor (Germany)
  • Hartert-Müller Ingrid / saxophone tenor (Germany)
  • Müller Benno / saxophone tenor (Germany)
  • Spahlinger Birgit / saxophone alto (Germany)
  • Schindler Rolf / saxophone soprano (Germany)
  • Foth Dietrich / saxophone bariton (Germany)
  • Zürn Christof / sopranino, saxophone alto (Netherlands)