Le Restaurant

Quatu'Or Laloi / crossover / France

What is the common point between a dreamy sommelier, a gruff boss, a scruffy cook, a slacker intern and a saxophone quartet?

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These four French saxophonists have the original idea to serve an eclectic musical program under the shape of a menu. The stage becomes then a brand new dining room where the protagonists get ready to present their new menu. The menu, composed of entries, meats and desserts reflects the variety of the interpreted works (classic, jazz, contemporary), and will transport the auditor in a universe marked with poetry, humor and gastronomy. The lighting and the direction come to support this saxophonistique banquet and participate in the presentation of these gustative atmospheres. Quatu’ Or Laloi proposes you this outstanding musical moment, without suit tie nor motionless music stand, but with decor and dialogues. Enjoy your meal!


10/07/2015 18:30 - 19:30

Maison Kammerzell

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12/07/2015 17:00 - 18:00

Théâtre de la Choucrouterie

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