Ernest H. Papier, musique sous contrainte

P.-S. Meugé, L. Mandlez & students / contemporary, discovery

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Presentation of works for saxophones by Ernest H. Papier which are written under a certain restriction in the matter of the instrument and also showing an interesting visual aspect, approaching musical theatre.


Ernest H Papier is a french composer who wrote a certain number of pieces for saxophone(s) including a visual aspect approaching musical theatre.
The pieces presented here by Pierre-Stéphane Meugé, his german colleague Lutz Mandler and some of his students from Lausanne High School of Music (Switzerland) are written with a proposal of limit in the composition : quartet on a single note, duet for only mouthpieces, saxophone played by left hand…

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Visual works by Ernest H. Papier approaching more or less musical theater written with different kinds of restrained limit in the composition.
World premiere of a new piece for left hand saxophone and right hand piano, performance of “Axe à Quatre” for sax quartet (SSTT), written on one single note, “Ninonanno” a lullaby for 2 sopranino sax ending on the knees and “Bouchées Doubles” a duet for 6 sounding and percussive mouthpieces (4 sax and 2 brass) playing seated on a table, like a strange kind of game.


10/07/2015 15:30 - 16:00

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 21

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Musicians / speakers

  • Meugé Pierre-Stéphane / Direction (France)
  • Galland Jean-Valdo (Switzerland)
  • Michaud Valentine (France)
  • Rebete Alexis (France)
  • Birraux Luc (France)
  • Mandler Lutz / trompette (Germany)


  • Sinistrose, Solo double pour sax à gauche et piano droit (Ernest H. Papier) / World Premiere