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For the occasion of his 60th birthday and his 30 years as a composer, Thierry Alla created for the Congress his cycle of solo pieces for six instruments.

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After studying in Tours, Bordeaux, Darmstadt, the CNSM de Paris, and Sorbonne, Thierry Alla returned to Bordeaux where he teaches music history and theory at the Université de Bordeaux 3. 2015 marks Alla’s 60th birthday and 30 years in composition. This program celebrates his work. The performers range from current students in the Bordeaux Conservatoire to professional musicians, coming from Spain and the Canada. Dr. Allison Balcetis is a professor of saxophone at the University of Alberta, Canada. Xabier Casal is a current student at the CRR Bordeaux and a member of the Fukio Ensemble. Adrián Piñeiro is also a student in Bordeaux and has competed in international saxophone competitions in Santiago de Compostela and Thailand. Elisa Urrestarazu is a saxophonist and teacher.

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For the occasion of his 60th birthday and his 30 years in composition, Thierry Alla created for this congress, a cycle of solo pieces for six instruments. This cycle, constructed like a suite, presents common points between the titles and between the different source materials. Inaugural (sopranino); Digital (soprano); Boréale (alto and tape); Discoïdal (tenor); Pariétal (baryton); Ancestral (bass and tape). Four of these six pieces will be presented in this program.
Inaugural – Allison Balcetis, sopranino saxophone (world premiere), 4’26”

Boréale – Adrian Peiñeiro, alto saxophone and tape, 5’32”

Discoïdal – Elisa Urrestarazu, tenor saxophone (French premiere), 5’24”

Ancestral – Xabier Casal, bass saxophone and tape, 8’38”

The six pieces are conceived like a suite, having a unity of style (multiphonics used like an element of language), inspiration (parietal art), and title (each ending in “al”).


12/07/2015 12:30 - 13:00

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Studio 416

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Musicians / speakers

  • Balcetis Allison (Canada)
  • Alla Thierry (France)
  • Casal Xabier (Spain)
  • Urrestarazu Elisa (Spain)
  • Piñeiro Adrian (France)


  • Inaugural (Thierry Alla) / World Premiere
  • Boréale (Thierry Alla)
  • Discoïdal (Thierry Alla)
  • Ancestral (Thierry Alla)