Contemporary chamber music for saxophone and guitar

ICARUS DUO / classical, contemporary

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Contemporary chamber music for saxophone and guitar is unconventional. In this project, both the saxophone and guitar are soloists and acompaniment at the same time; it is a conversation.

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Created in 2009 by Alfonso Padilla (saxophones) and Alberto Plaza (guitar) with the aim of promote the possibilities of this unexplored combination, the Icarus Duo has performed around Spain in many festivals premiering works specially written for them by Spanish composers as Santiago J. Báez, Antonio J. Flores, Rafael Díaz and Ramon Humet among others.
They have also performed at Scandinavian Saxophone Festival 2013 in Aahrus (Denmark).
Alfonso Padilla is saxophone teacher at Conservatorio Superior de Música “Manuel Castillo” in Sevilla. As a soloist has toured Europe and USA and is member of Ziryâb Quartet.

Alberto Plaza, guitar soloist, winner of many international contests, is also member of Duo Rosique-Plaza and teacher at Conservatorio de Música “Ana Valler” in Utrera.

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Contemporary chamber music for saxophone and guitar

In the last 20 years many composers have seen on new chamber ensembles a way of find other way of expression less homogeneous and conventional than traditional duos or quartets. One of these new chamber combinations is the saxophone and guitar duo.

On the first works written for saxophone and guitar not were explored truly the sound and expresive possibilities of those instruments. On the pieces programmed in this project, both the saxophone and guitar try to show a new intimate conversation, far away from the melody with accompaniment that we could suppose or imagine at the first sight.

The use of extended techinques and new ways of understand the sound production, dynamics and color try to wake up the curiosity of the audience


12/07/2015 09:00 - 09:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle d'Orgue (29)

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Musicians / speakers

  • Padilla López Alfonso / saxophone (Spain)
  • Plaza Fernández Alberto / Guitar (Spain)


  • Inquisition II (Robin Hoffmann)
  • Mizu no oto (Jose María Sánchez-Verdú)
  • Jondo ma non troppo (Francisco Martín-Quintero) / World Premiere