Deux barytons en pays de chanson

Claude Georgel et Jean-Louis Georgel / crossover

Voice and saxophone (baritone) breathe together texts and songs of Serge Gainsbourg, Bernard Haillant, Gherasim Luca with original arrangements.

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Two brothers, a singer, and a saxophonist. Fed French music from an early age, under the watchful eye of their uncle, songwriter: Bernard Haillant. For him, in 2002, they take the plunge and interpret some of his songs as a duo. The recital then widens with Gainsbourg, Prévert … but also original creations, on poems by Gherasim Luca.

Jean-Louis regularly works under the direction of Laurence Equilbey (Accentus), Mathieu Romano (Aedes), Joël Suhubiette (The Elements), Martin Gester (Le Parlement de Musique) …

Composer and arranger, saxophonist Claude is a curious music today, written or improvised, member of the quartet SAX4 and artistic director of the Ensemble XXI.n.

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A recital of songs, very simple in his presentation, in balance, to highlight the text, in all its poetic and musical expression. The authors selected here will come across complementary worlds, highlighting the expressive values sang French: a tradition inherited from Brel and Brassens with Bernard Haillant, rich and warm. Serge Gainsbourg songs from his debut, a dark vision of love in landscapes steeped in the jazz of that time (60). Finally, modernity and musical texts Gherasim Luca, with a strong sense of rhythm and tempo, sound that makes sense and carries the expression.
A new work will be prepared for creation in SaxOpen, a surprise, still being written at this time, which, according to its format, will take the place of one of the purposes indicated or complement the proposed program.


12/07/2015 12:00 - 12:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 21

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Musicians / speakers

  • Georgel Claude (France)
  • Georgel Jean-Louis / voix (France)


  • Ma déraison d'être (Gherasim Luca / Claude Georgel)
  • Initiation spontanée (Gherasim Luca / Claude Georgel)
  • La saison des pluies (Serge Gainsbourg)
  • Le talkie walkie (Serge Gainsbourg)
  • Le vieil homme (Bernard Haillant)
  • Ignorance (Bernard Haillant)
  • Création (Claude Georgel) / World Premiere