Winners of Bordeaux’s competition – Andreas Köhazy & Olivier Heldwein

Andreas Köhazy & Olivier Heldwein / classical, contemporary

Andreas Köhazy was born in 1996 in Vienna and moved to London at the age of 10, where he started to play the saxophone at “the German School London”. Two years later he moved back to Austria, since then Andreas is studying at “Musikschule Wien” and graduated from a hotel and gastronomy school in 2015.

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Olivier Heldwein was born in Vienna in 1995. He graduated from school in 2013 and is know studying Earth Science at the university of Vienna. Olivier also began to play the saxophone at the age of 10 at “Musikschule Wien”.
Through their teacher, Rupert Stelzer, they evolved a passion for contemporary music and chamber music. They founded the saxophone quartet “crazy worriers” and are part of many ensembles of “Musikschule Wien”. Both of them play all saxophones from soprano to baritone and participated several times successfully in the Austrian youth competition “prima la musica”. In 2013 they won the first price at the copetition “Création en scène” of the rencontres saxophones de l’ASAX- an invitation to play at the World Saxophone Congress.

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In this concert they present an assortion of delicate contemporary pieces in various formations. Most of them written by themselves or for their class.

Ferdinand Weiss (*1933): Extremlagen für Tenor- und Baritonsaxopon (2011): Fabian Rieder (Tenor), Olivier Heldwein (Bariton)

       Canone alla Quinta für Tenor- und Baritonsaxophon (2011): Fabian Rieder (Tenor), Olivier Heldwein (Bariton)

Andreas Koehazy, Olivier Heldwein: Sax Jungle (2013): Andreas Koehazy (Soprano), Olivier Heldwein (Alto)

Olivier Heldwein: Fraktionierte Kristallisation (2014): Olivier Heldwein (Alto)

Andreas Koehazy: Bakin’ the Sax (2015): Andreas Koehazy (Soprano)

Ulf-Diether Soyka (*1954): Drei Bosone: 1. Pion: mäßig, 2. Gluon: gespannt, 3. Graviton: beschleunigt: Andreas Koehazy (Tenor), Anna Kurz (Alto), Fabian Rieder (Tenor), Olivier Heldwein (Alto), Rupert Stelzer (Tenor)


09/07/2015 15:00 - 15:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 21

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Musicians / speakers

  • Andreas Köhazy
  • Olivier Heldwein