9 Julio 2015
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Quatuor ÆOLIA performance

Quatuor ÆOLIA / classical, contemporary

Presentation of two pieces for saxophones quartet of Thierry Muller : “tournament” and “ÆOLIA” (written specifically for our group).


ÆOLIA includes 4 musicians who dedicate themselves to the original works and in creations.

Thierry BOYER
1st Prize of the CRR Cergy-Pontoise, holder of the C.A, was Professor at CRD Dieppe, at CRD Caux-Vallée of the Seine, where he is Director since 2012.

Véronique TARDIF
1st Prize of the CRR Marseille, and the CRR Bordeaux. Professor at CRR Rouen, and at CRD Caux valley of the Seine. Member of the trio BCT’ Rio and the duet Escapade.

In studied to Montbéliard, Metz, Dijon, Besançon and Boulogne-Billancourt. Holder CA saxophone. Professor at CRD Havre. Dedicates itself to the broadcasting of the contemporary repertory.

Geoffrey Doucet. 1st prize of the CRR of Bourges, return in the classy CNSMDP of C Delangle
Often occurs in Paris. Professor at CRD Dieppe.

More informations

This project highlights the contemporary repertoire for saxophone quartet, presenting two works by French composer Thierry Muller:
– “Tournament” in one movement that lasts about 8 minutes. Work virtuoso part.
– “Aeolia” specifically written for our quartet in three movements: moderate, slow, very quick, and lasts about 14 minutes.
Born in 1964, Thierry Muller studied music at the Rouen National Conservatory and then at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris in flute classes, analysis and harmony. Holder CA Director Approved Municipal School of Music and Board of Director of Music and Dance National Schools. He was appointed Director of the Municipal School of Music Cany-Barville in 1988 and the Municipal School of Music and Dance in Sotteville-lès-Rouen where he held since 1991.
1997: 1st prize for composition for orchestra harmony, National Composition Competition of the City of Bihorel “Hymn”.
1996 3rd prize for composition for orchestra harmony, National Competition of the City’s composition Caraman “Faerie”.
1997 2nd prize for composition for orchestra harmony, National Composition Contest of the Federation Musicale de Bretagne “Fabliau.”
1997: Control two works for Brass Band Normandie “Aeolus” and wind octet Musicians Eure “Board Games”.
2000: 1st prize composition contest Federation Bourgogne “The Procession of Bacchus.”
2001: 1st prize composition contest Musical Confederation of France “Circus Suite”
2010: control of Aeolia quartet.
Since 2011, he was appointed Director of the Regional Conservatory radiation Grenoble.
The members of the quartet will present the composer, the two works with a brief analysis of these.


09/07/2015 14:30 - 15:00

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 24

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Musicians / speakers

  • TARDIF Véronique / saxophone alto (France)
  • Azzoug Safia / saxophone ténor (France)
  • Boyer Thierry / saxophone soprano (France)
  • Doucet Geoffrey / saxophone baryton (France)


  • ÆOLIA (Thierry MULLER)
  • Tournoi (Thierry MULLER)




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