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HD Duo – Australian Compositions World Premieres

Michael Duke and David Howie / classical, contemporary

Website(s) : http://www.michael-duke.com/

HD Duo presents two World Premieres of Australian compositions for saxophone and piano. Both of the works were commissioned by the duo to be performed at SaxOpen.


HD Duo

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Michael Duke, saxophones
David Howie, piano

First performing together in 2008, Duke and Howie have made the impetus for their duo the presentation of exciting and innovative chamber music. Both are faculty members at the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Australia. Of particular interest and drive for the duo has been their close collaboration with some of Australia’s most prominent and respected composers commissioning, recording and performing these new works written specifically for them. HD duo has performed throughout the world at festivals, universities and congresses including: UK, USA, Mexico, Thailand, New Caledonia and the past two WSC’s. The Duo has released two Cd’s and are recording and touring a third in 2015.

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HD Duo propose to present World Première performances of works by two composers that have close ties to Australia. Although both composers were born in different countries (New Zealand and Ukraine), the culture, music and musicians of Australia have had a big impact on their work. Both of these compositions will be a part of HD Duo’s 2015 tour and cross cultural exchange of Mexican and Australian music. For this tour six new works have been commissioned from Australian and Mexican composers, all of which will be recorded and released in 2015. HD Duo has been at the forefront of new Australian composition for saxophone and piano since their formation in 2008. They have toured the UK, USA, Mexico, Thailand, New Caledonia and Australia promoting this repertoire in masterclasses and performance.

Paul Sarcich was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and embarked on a scientific career before switching to music. He began as a percussionist in military bands before progressing to an orchestral and freelance career. He studied percussion in the USA with Karen Ervin, and the UK with Michael Skinner, James Blades, Michael Frye, and Nicholas Cole. His study in the UK was supported by awards from the Australia Council and the West Australian Arts Council.
He is largely self taught as a composer, although he has studied with Leonard Salzedo in the UK. Most of his work has been commissioned, and much of it broadcast on radio and TV, as have been most of his arrangements, reflecting his experience of both commercial and symphonic music. His music is noted for its rhythmic and dramatic flair, and his output particularly reflects his performance background in percussion, brass, and voice, together with his orchestrational ability.

Catherine Likhuta (born May 28, 1981 in Kyiv, Ukraine) received her Bachelor’s degree in jazz piano from Glière Musical College in 2000. She then continued her studies to complete a five-year program in composition at the Ukrainian National P. Tchaikovsky Academy (Kyiv Conservatory) graduating in 2005. In 2005, Catherine moved to the United States. Between 2005 and 2009, she lived in Ithaca, NY, where she worked under the guidance of Dana Wilson and Steven Stucky. After leaving Ithaca, she was a free-lance composer in Chicago, IL. She moved to Brisbane, QLD, Australia, in 2012 and is currently pursuing a PhD in Music at the University of Queensland.

Catherine Likhuta’s works have been performed throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Europe and Australia. Her music has been played by soloists and ensembles such as Adam Unsworth, Ronald Caravan, Gabriel Bolkosky, Isabelle Yu-Tzu Huang, Ricochet, Queensland Symphony Orchestra Horns, Cornell University Wind Ensemble, Cornell University Wind Symphony, the Orchestra of the National Radio of Ukraine and others. She is currently working on several new chamber and wind ensemble pieces.




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