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Electronic Sound form SEA

Shyen Lee / electroacoustic

Website(s) : http://facebook.com/shyenl

Blending music technology and Southasian cultural traditions, the young composers have succedded in creating unique pieces and add a new way of expression in saxophone repertoire.


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Shyen Lee, from Taiwan, currently serves as the instructor of saxophone in Mahidol University, Thailand. He was appointed to be the Organizer and Artistic Director of the International Jean-Marie Londeix International Saxophone Competition and World Saxophone Congress XV, also International Saxophone Committee 2009-2012.
Shyen Lee appeared as solo recitalist in various concert halls including Lincoln Center, Paine Hall in Harvard University as well in Montreal, Minneapolis, Paris, Fermo (Italy), Ljubljana, Kiev, Columbia (SC), Bangkok, Singapore, St. Andrew (UK), Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei. Twice with Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, he performed as the concerto soloist.
Shyen Lee commissioned and premiered works by John Harbison, Frank Ticheli, Gunther Schuller, and Bernard Rands.

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Sacred Tree (2015) by Boonrut Sirirattanapan
This is a praise song for sacred objects/subjects series began with “Glon (2014)” for ensemble and electronics which the sacred object is Mekhong River. The piece title refers to a thousand years old Bodhi Tree at Prachinburi, Thailand. The legend told that it was a branch of the tree which The Lord Buddha was enlightened. A branch was brought to Thailand region about 1000 A.D. and grown up to a huge Tree. I am really impressed by its story, durability and the blessing quality it spread around. The durable or heavy sounds and blessing or melismatic sounds were a duality that compete and intertwine together like a branches of tree in this piece.
The piece was composed in 2 versions. One for Alto Saxophone and Electronics, another is in a concertante form of Alto Saxophone, Timpani, Bass Drum and Ensemble.

Shadow Chanting (2015) by Kee Yong Chong
Malaysia composer Kee Yong Chong composed Shadow and Chant for choir in 2014. Later he extend this composition to create a new work on the request of Shyen Lee. It is inspired by the shadow play flourishing in Malaysia and a folk song and a poem written by Usman Awang, “Mourning the Murder of an Old Banyan Tree”.
The electronic provides the base or an environment for the performer, similar to the torch that provides the resource of the ghost-like dim light in shadow play. The drone humming and accompanied bell, related to the Gamelan music, give the chant a heaven-like sound. Supported by the electronic generated tone color, the saxophone blend in and create the imaginary world of after-life.
The work hopes to provoke the human being should aware to make peace and be part of, instead of taking advantage of the environment.




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