Espaces Sonores – interactive installations

discovery, electroacoustic

Espaces sonores is a collection of interactive installations on show organized by the Shadok, SaxOpen, and Strasbourg University as part of the World Saxophone Congress 2015.

The digital era has given rise to many important trends, with some of the most prominent among them focusing on ideas of networks, participation and the convergence of media. The interactive arts draw very widely on these ideas in order to appropriate new fields of investigation and expression.

The Espaces sonores exhibition highlights this interactive approach and invites the public to take part in the creative process: trigger a sound by a mere physical presence, and then modify it with a gesture; enter into and transform the sonic texture using installation-instruments, touch-screen scores and other unusual interfaces.

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Artworks by :

  • A.BURTON  (Impacts)
  • T.MAYS & K.LIONAKI (Acousmeaucorps – La liste)
  • M.CHAMAGNE (Apertures)
  • L.MERCIER (Le Damassama)
  • SCENOCOSME (Metamorphy)
  • P.BOISNARD & A.COURCELLE (Sound of Memory)
  • F.PAIS & J. STAEBLER (Onomaphonic)

The curators of this exhibition are Sébastien Clara, Gaëtan Gromer and Eric Maestri. They have been missioned by the LABEX GREAM and Strasbourg University.

You can visit this exhibition (free entrance) from July 1st to August 2nd.

The Shadok  is open from Wednesday to Sunday, between 9am and 7 pm.

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