13 Julio 2015
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FANTASIA for alto, tenor saxophone and piano

Trio Bel Canto / classical

The two saxophones and piano trio offers a variety of moods of expression. The piano part is very orchestral and has complex rhythmic figures that accompany as well as contrast with the saxophones.

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The Trio Bel Canto was formed in 1989 to establish the alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and piano as a viable classical chamber ensemble. Members include Patrick Meighan (Florida State University), John S. Moore (Indiana University Southeast), and Krista Wallace-Boaz (University of Louisville). A 1992 Australian tour of Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney was followed by the Trio’s bronze medal-winning performance at the 1993 First International Chamber Music Competition and Festa held in Osaka, Japan. By featuring the talents of these three acclaimed musicians as documented by Musical America and Ovation, the Trio Bel Canto has proven to be one of the most compelling chamber ensembles in the United States and abroad. Over twenty-five compositions have been written for the ensemble.

More informations

The Armenian-American composer Loris Ohannes Chobanian has written the following program notes about his FANTASIA:

“FANTASIA for Two Saxophones and Piano was especially composed for the Trio Bel Canto ensemble. The trio consisting of two saxophones and piano is similiar to the string trio and has excellent potential in creating a variety of moods of expression. The piano part is very orchestral and has complex rhythmic figures that accompany as well as contrast with the saxophones.

The saxophone performed by a true artist becomes a viable and exciting instrument. The instrument has often been abused and its tone quality compromised. It is encouraging, however, that artist performers are exploring to capitalize on the saxophone’s full potential.

The first movement Rondo has a dramatic introduction where all three performers contribute with alternating entrances. A lengthy development section leads to the main theme of the Rondo, which is announced by the saxophones while the piano establishes its accompanying role. The second movement Bel Canto, an Italian term for “beautiful singing”,
emulates the singing of operatic sopranos who traditionally sang in the Bel Canto style. The third movement Finale contrasts dramatically with the first two. It is characterized with vibrantly alternating rhythmic pulses. The movement has a gentle middle section where the piano is allowed to demonstrate its lyric qualities.”


13/07/2015 16:00 - 16:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 22

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Musicians / speakers

  • Meighan Patrick / alto saxophone (United States)
  • Moore John S. / tenor saxophone (United States)
  • Wallace-Boaz Krista / piano (United States)


  • FANTASIA (2012): I. Rondo; II. Bel Canto; III. Finalee (Loris Ohannes Chobanian) / French premiere




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