12 Julio 2015
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Junichi Sato Performance

Junichi Sato / contemporary, electroacoustic

Website(s) : http://saxolab.net

World premiere performance of a piece for tenor saxophone and ghettoblaster by Dutch composer JacobTV (Jacob ter Veldhuis), whose theme is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

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Junichi Sato is a saxophonist, researcher and educator in Japan. He earned a doctor degree(Ph.D) in music at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and became the first Ph.D in the area of Saxophone in Japan. His specialized field is Luciano Berio and contemporary music. He plays an active part in the field of contemporary music and receives a high evaluation.

He researches about music. He has written a lot of paper about P.Boulez, L.Berio, Debussy etc, and he publishes on music magazines regularly. He conducts many activities in foreign countries. He performed in master class, concerts, lectures at the Manhattan School of Music and National Taiwan University of Arts. He is a only person of the academic tenure specialized in the Saxophone in a Japanese national university.

More informations

The performance of world premiere piece for solo tenor saxophone, soundtrack and video by Dutch composer, JacobTV (Jacob ter Veldhuis). The theme of the new work is Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Before the performance, we will have short presentation about the work.

1. The presentation about the new work by Hajime Kuribayashi (about 6 min.)
2. Performance of the world premier work of JacobTV by Dr. Junichi Sato (about 10 min.)

JacobTV is a radical composer dealing with social issue. One of his masterpieces is “Grab It” which handled the issue of violence in the prison.
We Japanese people experienced The Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster in 2011 and received a big shock from the accident of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor. We thought that it is necessary for the world to recognize about the disaster more. For that, the music plays important role, we are believing.
In that sense, JacobTV is the most suitable composer because his music along with profundity emotion is surely persuasive. JacobTV focuses on voice sounds that create certain rhythm emitted from emotional state. However, most of his works are written for English voices. So in this commission, we picked up not only English, but also some Japanese voices from the news and interviews related to Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, also video recordings in Tokyo Electric Company. Because we thought it is most effective if the work is created based on Japanese voices also. It was a big challenge for JacobTV. We can provide how we have collaborated each other.
This performance is a collaboration of Dr.Sato, Kuribayashi and JacovTV for the first time. The new work has very “IRONIC” sense. We are thinking that this has strong impact from the view of one aspect. In addition, the fact that JacobTV composes this work in mix of English and Japanese. This is an new value on his reputation.
The work is for Tenor Saxophone Solo, soundtrack, and video.
Also we made short presentation about the concept of new work and current condition in Fukushima.


12/07/2015 16:15 - 16:45

Le Shadok

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Musicians / speakers

  • Junichi Sato (Japan)
  • Hajime Kuribayashi (Japan)


  • NewWork (World Premier) (JacobTV (Jacob ter Veldhuis)) / World Premiere





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