10 Julio 2015
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Viaggio attraverso la nuova musica Italiana

De Luca - Silvestri Duo / contemporary

Website(s) : http://www.preludiomusic.com / http://www.preludiomusic.com/a/giovanni-de-luca-francesco-silvestri-278-a.htm

This project has the specific objective of promoting unpublished repertoire for Saxophone and Piano. Giovanni De Luca and Francesco Silvestri began their collaboration in 2011 with these intentions.

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The duo De Luca – Silvestri (sax and piano) was formed in 2011 with the aim to address both the traditional repertoire that the cross-over repertoire: songs of contemporary music, popular repertoire, the jazz world. Particularly interested in the new material, the two musicians (winners of national and international awards) are dedicatee of numerous compositions written by Federico Biscione, Alberto Cara, Paolo Coggiola, Alessandro Cusatelli, Sandro Fazzolari, Alessandro Lucchetti, Lodi Luka, Vincenzo Palermo, Giampaolo Testoni . Several work record to their credit (“Discs of MEM” for PreludioMusic Milan, “Journey into the Music of the Twentieth Century” for Medialand) and holdings of prestige (Ed. XIX and XX of the International Festival of Sax in Fermo – Italy, UNICEF events 2013).

More informations

The project JOURNEY THROUGH THE NEW ITALIAN MUSIC, started a few years ago by the Duo DE LUCA – SILVESTRI to promote new repertoire, will take place in a single session by comparing various compositional styles. The two interpreters, in fact, will perform songs very different for both inspiration and structure. At the same time, the proposed pieces have the unique characteristic of touch equally important aspects of technical and musical experimentation with new blends of timbre and the search for new dynamic nuances. The sound material always vividly articulated puts a strain on the interpreters, but leaving the listener can easily recognize the very elements of the compositional structure. The authors of the songs, although with very different paths, play intense experimental activity: Federico Biscione and Vincenzo Palermo, with their intense and melodic vein variously articulated; Alberto Cara and Paolo Coggiola with their descriptions of history lived or imagined; Alessandro Cusatelli, with its poetic abstraction; Sandro Fazzolari (CAN), with its structural virtuosity; Alessandro Lucchetti, pioneer of cross-over; Lodi Luka (ALB), that immerses you in the world of popular music without betraying his classical training; finally, Giampaolo Testoni and the dreamy world of dance.

The program includes 23 minutes of Music:

Vincenzo Palermo, Sonata (4′);

Lodi Luka, Changing (7′);

Sandro Fazzolari, Sonata n. 4 (12′).


10/07/2015 15:15 - 15:45

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 23

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Musicians / speakers

  • DE LUCA GIOVANNI / saxophone (Italy)
  • SILVESTRI FRANCESCO / piano (Italy)


  • Vincenzo Palermo (Sonata)
  • Lodi Luka (Changing)
  • Sandro Fazzolari (Sonata n. 4)





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