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Soai Saxophone Ensemble / classical, contemporary

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Soai Saxophone Ensemble is composed of 23 members who will perform a new work commissioned by Satoshi Omae and an arranged version of “Sonatine” by Maurice Ravel.

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“Soai Saxophone Ensemble” is large saxophone ensemble group consisting of current students and graduates of the Soai University of Music in Japan. Our repertoire consists of classical, Jazz and other popular styles. In 2012, our ensemble was very well received during performances in China. This was our first performance abroad as well. Our group performs within Japan as well covering places such as hospitals, schools and other venues.

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Our Large Saxophone Ensemble consists of 23 members; 4 Sopranos, 9 Altos, 4 tenors, 4 Baritones, 1 Bass, and a Tubax. Our ensemble does not utilize a conductor. We are aiming to show the extended possibilities of a large saxophone ensemble. We will perform a new work commissioned by Japan’s renowned composer Satoshi Omae and a saxophone ensemble arrangement of Sonatine by Maurice Ravel. We are hopeful that this colorful music will reach a largest possible audience.


10/07/2015 14:00 - 14:30

Salle de la Bourse

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Musicians / speakers

  • Dohgu Mika / Alto Saxophone (Japan)
  • Ito Sayuri / Baritone Saxophone (Japan)
  • Inui Mika / Tenor Saxophone (Japan)
  • Kidera Riho / Alto Saxophone (Japan)
  • Nishikawa Minori / Soprano Saxophoneo (Japan)
  • Hatanaka Kaho / Tenor Saxophone (Japan)
  • Hosomi Genki / Baritone Saxophone (Japan)
  • Matsumoto Misa / Alto Saxophone (Japan)
  • Moritaka Aya / Soprano Saxophone (Japan)
  • Osake Maiko / Soprano Saxophone (Japan)
  • Sano Nanami / Alto Saxophone (Japan)
  • Hattori Nanoka / Alto Saxophone (Japan)
  • Uesato Kenichiro / Tubax (Japan)
  • Ueda Moe / Alto Saxophone (Japan)
  • Konishi Toshihiro / Bass Saxophone (Japan)
  • Shimmyo Rino / Baritone Saxophone (Japan)
  • Hirose Kimiko / Tenor Saxophone (Japan)
  • Matsuba Sayaka / Alto Saxophone (Japan)
  • Kamei Mina / Tenor Saxophone (Japan)
  • Nakata Mizuki / Baritone Saxophone (Japan)
  • Tsujimoto Sumika / Soprano Saxophone (Japan)
  • Ahn Taewook / Alto Saxophone (France)
  • Sakai Nozomi / Alto Saxophone (Belgium)


  • A new work commissioned (Satoshi Omae) / World Premiere
  • Sonatine (arranged by Soai Saxophone Ensemble) (Maurice Ravel)