Ensemble Non Obligatoire Performance

Ensemble Non Obligatoire (ENO) / crossover, youth and education / France

CRR Bordeaux, since 2010 is, shaken by the Ensemble Not Mandatory “other class” directed by Fabien Chouraki, offering a wideranging repertoire and devoid of any prejudice or aesthetic schools.

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ENO is the story of a group…

During a teaching career, sometimes you get discouraged, we complain that our students are not working, the “famous” level drops and then sometimes strong moments, almost magical, where students are motivated, work, progress and all this in an excellent atmosphere.

One day I suggested to students that finds few Wednesdays to play together like that, for fun, without any obligation. The motto of the whole being “If you come it makes me happy ; if you do not come it makes me happy !”. Eight students came this package Not Required rings. An introduction and a fairly convincing intonation for students of the first cycle. And ENO is born ! And keeps on growing…

More informations

CRR Bordeaux rampant Ensemble Not Mandatory “other class” directed by Fabien Chouraki saxophone. Finding himself without constraints (not compulsory requires) , students in this group are committed to play a diverse repertoire varied (classical, jazz, traditional, contemporary) and without prejudice or aesthetic schools.
Since its creation in 2010, the non- mandatory set is constantly changing, multiplies benefits and projects & collaborating with composers (Rolin, Rio Nizard).

ENO offers you a high concert in colors:
1 : Sextet Georges Kastner
Focusing first commemoration “yet” the bicentenary of Adolphe SAX and also pay tribute to Strasbourg composer who was the first to write saxophone 1844 Georges Kastner.

2 : Porcelaine de Saxe (saxophone sextet & solo trombone) Michel Legrand
an original work of the great composer and arranger Michel Legrand is very seldom performed. It reflects the composer put an excellently is the harmony and the use of stamps.

3 : Denis Soft: Benoît NIZARD
An original creation as our set. Strongly inspired by the famous third movement sonata Edison Denisov, and inescapable part MANDATORY In Bordeaux. This piece offers us a somewhat groovy proofreading and can be shifted.

4 : Saxvengers : Collective
Brainchild of collective composition. From a pattern, each member of the ensemble has proposed a theme and / or background. Together they decided to organize the room from each item proposed by each.


11/07/2015 17:00 - 17:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 20

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Musicians / speakers

  • CHOURAKI Fabien / saxophone (France)
  • LOUVRADOUX juliette / saxophone (France)
  • BOUCART Lucien (France)
  • SOUBIRAN Aurélien / saxophone (France)
  • BENGOLD Julien / saxophone (France)
  • GANCILLE Milo (France)
  • CHOURAKI Louis / trombone & guitare (France)
  • JACOBS REMACLE Anthony (France)
  • GLÉMET Rémi (France)
  • MALMERT Alexandre (France)
  • DUFOUR Aimée (France)
  • GIRODEAU Arthur (France)


  • saxvengers (collectif )