Bordeaux Saxophone Ensemble with M.B Charrier / electroacoustic

The Bordeaux Saxophone Ensemble, managed by M.B Charrier, wants to promote the repertory and develop the musical literature for saxophone, in close collaboration with the composers.

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Bordeaux Saxophone Ensemble, managed by Marie-Bernadette Charrier, includes twelve students of the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine and of the Conservatoire Jacques Thibaud of Bordeaux. An Ensemble of varying size, it contains all the instruments of the saxophone family.

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This Ensemble with multiple sound alternatives can vary from a very small group of chamber music up to the full Ensemble.

From its beginning, it was meant to promote the repertory and essentially to develop musical literature for this family of instruments, in close collaboration with the composers.


10/07/2015 17:00 - 17:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Studio 416

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Musicians / speakers

  • CHARRIER Marie-Bernadette / direction artistique et saxophone (France)
  • CHAVEZ Alberto / saxophone (France)
  • MARTI Enric / saxophone (France)
  • PUERTAS Miguel Antonio / saxophone (France)
  • ZHANG Kai / saxophone (France)
  • MASSEY Justin / saxophone (France)
  • DELGADO MARTINEZ David / saxophone (France)
  • PINEIRO ASPRES Adrian / saxophone (France)
  • GONZALES BALAGUER Pablo / saxophone (France)
  • ZHANG Ding / saxophone (France)
  • CARRETERO MENAYO Diego / saxophone (France)
  • GALLARDO NIETO Jesus / saxophone (France)
  • ZAZO Sara / saxophone (France)


  • Krasnayaskaya II (François ROSSÉ) / World Premiere
  • Sikuri X (Juan ARROYO) / World Premiere
  • Cassation (Jean-Louis AGOBET)