Connexions ensemble / crossover

Multicultural work based on an improvisation and composed by traditional melodies of the native country of each musician.

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Connections will perform as part of World Sax Day (


The group will be constituted of the different people I had the chance to play, talk and laugh with.
They’ll come from the whole world and study in the prestigious Music School such as CNSM Paris, CNSM Lyon, Conservatoire de Versailles, CRR Paris, CNR Strasbourg, Konservatorium Privatuniversität Wien, Universität Musik Wien, Sibelius Academy, London Royal Conservatory, Amsterdam Conservatory Etc

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Sharing different colours, flavours and cultures into a unique improvisation based on every traditional lick found by the participants


12/07/2015 9:30 - 10:00

Place de la Cathédrale

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Musicians / speakers

  • Stern Leo / sax (France)
  • Dubester Amit / sax (France)
  • Collao Alvaro / sax (Austria)
  • Ferrara Livia / sax (Austria)
  • Kusakabe Tadayoshi / sax (Austria)
  • Knot Michal / sax (Austria)
  • Lallo Joseph / sax (France)
  • Duverger Olivier / sax (France)
  • Castellani Andres / sax (France)
  • Luck Maxime / sax (France)
  • Palmanshofer Georg / sax (Austria)
  • Theodoridou Clio / sax (Greece)
  • Grandesso Damiano / sax (Italy)
  • Girardi Massimiliano / sax (Italy)
  • Muller Simone / sax (Germany)
  • Ursej Janez / sax (Slovenia)
  • Koerper Philippe / sax (Switzerland)
  • Ueno Kohei / sax (Japan)
  • Wahl Vera / sax (Switzerland)
  • Toyama Mai / sax (France)