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World premiere from Australia directed by Diana Tolmie

The Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra / contemporary, world

Website(s) : http://qldsaxorchestra.com/

The Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra from Australia will premiere a programme of Australian-composed works by T. Green, G.Brophy, L.Denson, A.Ball and C.Healy and directed by D.Tolmie.

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The Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra has had an exciting 8 years touring nationally and internationally performing world-class Australian compositions. Directed by Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Lecturer Diana Tolmie, the QCSO has had many career highlights including performances in the 2011 and 2013 Australian Clarinet and Saxophone Festivals (Melbourne and Sydney), XVI World Saxophone Congress, Scotland and the 2012 ISME World Conference, Greece. In 2013 they released an album titled “Australian Made” via CD Baby/ iTunes.Their presentation will include works by Green, Grieve, Denson, Ball, and Burrell demonstrating their diversity in melodic interpretation, extended techniques and tone colours representing the vast landscape and multiple cultures that define Australia.

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This project engages with 13 of the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University’s saxophone students, an institution from Brisbane, Australia. This group composes, commissions others, and performs for the saxophone orchestra medium. After their last tour to Europe, performing at The Guildhall, London; the World Saxophone Congress, St Andrews; and the ISME World Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece; they recorded their CD Australian Made 2012 available on CD baby and iTunes http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/queenslandconservatorium Conducted by Diana Tolmie, a guest soloist with the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra for the Strasbourg World Saxophone Congress and D’Addario International Artist, she has a long history of experience with orchestral, chamber music, jazz and pedagogy genres. Thomas Green’s work “Passacaglia” is influenced by popular mediums such as dubstep and related styles yet enjoys the combination of older traditional mediums as will be heard in his composition with the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra “Three Years Beginning Again”; Louise Denson’s long career as a jazz pianist, lecturer and band director allows a relaxed colour of jazz to influence her third-stream cross-over style; Andrew Ball’s compositions have been premiered at several world events and tend towards challenging rhythmic investigation of multi-meter and polyphonic principles. His work “Gravitational Lens” represents this; and Robert Burrell – an Australian expatriot residing in Malaysia as an academic lecturer with UPSI delves into the political and emotional concerns of the “boat people” with his composition “Colibri”. Matilda Grieve explores body movement within sound in “Kin.u.s.thet.ic” and is our up-and-coming composer and performer for the QCSO.


09/07/2015 16:30 - 17:00

Salle de la Bourse

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Musicians / speakers

  • Tolmie Diana / Conductor (Australia)
  • Hurne Pierce / soprano saxophone (Australia)
  • Showers Candice / soprano saxophone (Australia)
  • Handley Kristine / Alto saxophone
  • Grieve Matilda / Alto saxophone/composer (Australia)
  • Harris Jaz / Alto saxophone (Australia)
  • O'Brien Jodie / Alto saxophone (Australia)
  • Ealden Jazmin / Alto saxophone (Australia)
  • Grant Lachlan / Alto saxophone (Australia)
  • Wilson Michael / Tenor saxophone (Australia)
  • Martin-Wallace Sebastian / Tenor saxophone (Australia)
  • Hara-Crockford Carlin / Tenor saxophone (Australia)
  • Klotz Mathew / Baritone saxophone (Australia)
  • Strickland Emily / Baritone saxophone (Australia)
  • Hawkins Jason (Australia)


  • New Work (Louise Denson) / World Premiere
  • New Work (Sean O'Boyle) / World Premiere
  • New Work (Andrew Ball)
  • New Work (Thomas Green) / World Premiere
  • New Work (Chris Healy) / World Premiere




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