“split tree [Wintergarden]”

C.R. Kasprzyk’s saxophone orchestra / contemporary, electroacoustic / United States

Website(s) : http://crkasprzyk.com

Performance of C.R. Kasprzyk’s saxophone orchestra, “split tree [Wintergarden]”. The project’s aim is to illustrate the link between music and nature with stereo fixed media.

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I am unable to provide the original saxophonists, and am therefore open and appreciative of any ensemble available for this potential performance. The fixed media for the piece is stereo (two-channel) and can be performed with CD playback if necessary. I am more than happy to assist in any other way to help this performance become a reality. Of course, my wish is to be present as composer of the work throughout the process.

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split tree [Wintergarden] (saxophone orchestra and stereo fixed media) was premiered by 12 students of John Sampen. I am highly appreciative of any available ensemble performing the work at this Congress. The piece is grounded on found composition, relinquishing as many compositional decisions as possible to an observed environment. Musical elements such as harmony, and even the overall form of the work, are dictated by what naturally occurs. Specifically, eight synchronized microphones were used to record in a park – one within a bass saxophone. The amount of keys depressed on the saxophone was altered, imposing a harmony as sounds resonate within the instrument. The musical material aims to be entirely determined by these recordings. We hear a physical space, as it typically exists.


12/07/2015 16:30 - 17:30

Cité de la musique et de la danse - Salle 30

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Musicians / speakers

  • Kasprzyk Cory (United States)


  • split tree [Wintergarden] (C.R. Kasprzyk)