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After the Baritone Institute’s residence in Alsace, at Hohlandsbourg’s Castle, students and amateurs will present the result of the workshops and master-classes.

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The Baritone Institute: an initiative of Niels Bijl and Jan Menu, supported by The Four Baritones and Katharina Thomsen following the highly successful cooperation in the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival 2011. It was a shared desire of Jan and Niels: an open stage for the baritone saxophone. Genre free, open to professionals, amateurs and anyone in need of a society for development of the most charming and versatile of the saxophone family, the baritone.

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Phillipe Geiss of the SaxOpen 2015 has invited Jan Menu and Niels Bijl, to bring the Baritone Institute to the Elzas and create a safe haven for baritone players world wide, both professional and amateur. Preceding the actual Congress, the Baritone Institute will reside in Chateau du Hohlandsbourg, for a Baritone Summer School. Here professional baritone saxophonists will work together, share knowledge and repertoire, and form ensembles, loosely based on the concept of The Four Baritones. Amateur saxophonists are invited to follow workshops in all musical fields, and learn new techniques and ensemble pieces. This performance will focus on the achievements of the amateurs and students, who are now part of their own international Baritone Institute. They will perform all music as a result of the workshop, held at Chateau du Hohlandsbourg, from July 6 to July 9 2015. Line up; to be announced.


12/07/2015 10:30 - 11:00

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Musicians / speakers

  • Bijl Niels / Baritone Saxophone (Netherlands)
  • Menu Jan / Baritone Saxophone (Netherlands)


  • Bullfinch (2015) (Tini Thomsen (1981)) / World Premiere
  • TBA (to be announced) (Jan Menu (162)) / World Premiere
  • Resurreccion de Angel (Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) Arr: J. Byrnes) / World Premiere
  • TBA (Konrad Koselleck (1971)) / World Premiere
  • Battaglia (Andrea Gabrielli (1515-1586), Adaptation Bari-sax: Joan Martí-Fransquier) / World Premiere
  • TBA (Jasper Blom (1965)) / World Premiere