How a saxophone made of bits-and-pitcher becomes a subtle tool which brings lives change? This is the experience evidenced by Thomas Lecourt, assistant director of the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay.

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The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, directed by Favio Chavez and Thomas Lecourt, is comprised of kids, teenagers and young people from precarious living conditions in the Cateura community, located next to the landfill of Asuncion (Paraguay). The distinctive characteristic of the group lies in the interpretation of musical pieces using instruments elaborated with garbage reclaimed from the landfill. Thus, the Orchestra instruments resemble saxophones but also violins, double bass, guitars, flutes, trumpets or trombones. Among their repertoire they play classical music, folk music from Paraguay and Latin America, covers from the Beatles and Frank Sinatra, film soundtrack and symphonic metal among others. Through music as part as a motivational tool, the Orchestra aims to design a comprehensive educational process intended for children and young people in social situations of vulnerability. Beyond the music, it is an educational and social project that attempts to open new horizons and offer opportunities to its members to enable them to envisage a better future.